Monday, March 30, 2015

If Missionaries Were Ninjas...

Hey everyone!

Well the Physical Therapy continues (and I love it every time - It reminds me of summer time and working at the American River clinic! :) However, I have been told to rest 1 to 2 weeks at home..  yeah, thats right, it's a bummer and talk about HARD!!  I don't like sitting still!!  Haha!  But, when things get hard, if you look closely and carefully, there's always something really cool to encourage us... and this time is that it's really made us have to really ponder and pray, get creative and figure out how to keep working.  I may have to take a break from walking... but in no way does that mean to take a break from working!! :)

And since this work is not mine, but rather the Lords; as we have knelt down in prayer the last week to ask our Heaveny Father how He wanted us to keep working...  How we could continue to work just as hard, while following the doctors instruction to let the knee calm down...  we hardly got off our knees and sat down at our desks when the answer came!!  And with this new revelation, we have all ready had a very succesful week!! :) 

First, we dialed in Hermana Mera with returned missionaries in our branch while I stayed in the houses of different members (the Young Womens President, Relief Society President, and a few other leaders) houses. Hna Mera and the other sisters have been able to keep up on all of the visits that we need to have and I have been able to talk at length with the members about Mariano.  All of this exposure with the members has really been enlightening for both, the ward leaders to the needs of their members and for us regarding the things we can do to keep helping our brothers and sisters in our branch!! :)  It's really helping us with the goal of using all of the fueraza de la casa! :)

During the Christmas season we had our activity "tiza en la plaza" (chalk in the plaza) (or "Operation Christmas Tree" and Hna V and I called it) to spread the word and the video that Christ IS the Gift... Now (as I am sure you all know) there is ANOTHER video just in time for Easter, Gracias a que el vive (Because He Lives), and it's SO SPECIAL!  And becuase we want to share it with EVERYONEEEE, we are planning on having another activity in the plaza.  I'll leave the rest as a surprise to share with you later, but I am very excited and I think it should be a great way to spread the word that CHRIST LIVES and share His message!! :) 

On a side note... the POPE is coming to Paraguay and he will actually be really close to Mariano... Everyone is going to go crazy!!  Haha!!  As if the semana santa wasnt crazy enough, we now have the POPE, and he's not just any Pope, he's the Argentine Pope of the people!!  Everyone is seriously freaking out!!  Haha!  Maybe we'll get to find him and have the oprotunity to share thoughts and messages of Christ with the Pope?  That could be cool!!  Haha!!

I also learned how to make chipa today... Yum!!  WE MADE SO MUCH!!!  We took a few photos, but they are on a members phone... so, I will forward them as soon as she sends them to me!

I love you all so much and I hope you all are oh-so-excited for General Conference!!!!  I know that I am!!  I can't wait! :)  Our Heavenly Father loves us so much.  SO much, that He gives us this amazing opportunity to come together as children of God and listen to the precious words and counsel that He has revealed to his servants, the prophets! :)  Do take the time to listen - You wont regret it!!

Have a fantastic week :) We will talk soon :)
Hermana Fardos

PS.  A housebound girl with a sword... good time to brush up on the Ninja skills!!  Haha!!

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