Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Better Late Than Never!!

Hi Everyone... 

This update is late, but I wanted to let you guys know that I LOVE YOU ALL!! :)

This week has been crazy awesome!  My apologies for not writing yesterday, we had migraciones ayer... puessss we missed out on all the 'Ciber' time (the internet cafe) and fun PDay activities... but it was pretty cool to spend a solid day talking with Hermana Jones and a couple of the Elders!  It's moments like this that it really hits me just how cool it is to get to be a missionary and just how special this work is!


I love it because this gospel is so true, I love it because we get to go out each day with the Lord's name on our chest... we are on the Lords team and if the Lord is with us, who can be against us!!  :) 

It made me think a lot about this one talk that Jeffrey R Holland gave (which one though, right? Haha! They are all so good)!  But in this discurso, he talks about teams.... how there are 2 teams in this world, we have the Lord's team and the adversary has his team... and how we all ready know what the outcome will be, we know what team will win... but right now we are playing the game, we are in the thick of it, we are playing, playing, playing... and its hard, the other team is pretty tricky, they don't always play fair, and they are giving it all they got... and at moments it can feel like they're ahead... BUT THEY CAN NEVER WIN!  We have the playbook, we have the winning plays - because we have the Lord guiding us!  If He, who created every one of us, who created this world, who showed us the plan, is guiding us...  How could we ever lose? :) The Lord's team is sure, His ways are solid, His perspective is eternal, His qualifications are the highest.

Lets keep playing guys, we are in the last half... sometime you get tired, sometimes it's hard, but we have to keep playing with the end of the game in mind!  We must take advantage of our breaks to rest, to study, ponder and pray, to refuel and receive more energy to keep moving forward!  We have the Book of Mormon, we have prayer, and we have the gospel.... USE IT!  And play hard!! Because I want to see you all at the post-game Victory celebration!! :)

I love you guys,
until next week...

Hermana Fardos :)

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