Monday, December 1, 2014

Just Another Day in Paradise!!

Hellooo Familia! 
Hmmmmm, it's always so hard to focus in on one thing to write because I just want to share everything!! :)  But, if i had to pick one thing to share with you... it would definitely have to be the progress of the family Haedo Zaya (the family of the girls baptized last week)... THEY ARE AMAZING!

We have had a few lessons with them this week and our very last visit was so special.  Maria and Antonio (the parents of Antonella and Jacquelin) now have 2 church attendances under their belt. :)  And they are loving it!  Maria, the Mom, has a testimony like no other, and A, the dad, has the desire, he is just working on the personal witness part.  Anywhoo, back to the last lesson...  We sat down and taught them about the word of wisdom - This lesson has become so important for us as missionaries here in Isla Bogado, because if members or investigators are not keeping the word of wisdom... we have found that their progression is kind of put on hold.  So we knew that sooner or later we had to have this lesson with them.  And when we finished, we extended the commitment challenge and guess what... NONE OF THEM HAVE ANY SORT OF PROBLEM WITH THE WORD OF WISDOM!  They are so prepared and as if that wasn't a big enough miracle and blessing, at he end of our lesson Hermana Maria shared her testimony with Antonio, about how she knows without a doubt that this is the true church! 
It all started when we were talking to Antonio about the tools The Lord has given us so that we can recieve a personal witness - and also, how he can recognize the answers and promptings for what they are.  As we finished talking about how to recognize your own personal witness, Hermana Maria shared that when Antonella and Jacquelin were being confirmed a week ago Sunday, she was sitting there praying so hard to know if this church was true and if she should join...  she continued sharing, as soon as she finished praying and opened her eyes, all she could see was "el blanco" and when she saw all the white, she knew that was her answer and this really was true!  She knew that this is what The Lord wanted for her.
Not only did she share it with her husband, but also with her older daughter, Jessica, who came back from work early. Jessica is 19 years old - And is now one of our newest investigators!! :)
Hermana Curi and I are busy busy busy with planning for the wedding, and other than that we are just working, working and working! :)  Its such a blessing to be here!  :) I love you all!
Keep on Being Awesome! :)
Hermana Fardos

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