Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Okay, I can't believe I will LITERALLY SEE you this week!...  Yay for SKYPE!   This week we had some huge events.... I really don't know how I am going to remember to share it all...  but let's start with the AWESOME activity that we had this last Sunday!!!!

Our ward has SUCH ganas (desire) to help us in la obra missional (the work of the mission) - they are amazing! The only problem is that sometimes they don't know how.  We, as members, find oursleves at times not knowing how, or we get a little nervous, or we think that missionary work has to be this really big thing like going out and knocking on doors to find people... but it doesn't. :)  Hermana Valenzuela and I spent the last week at our lunches sharing D&C 101:50 with the members and talking about missionary work... but we felt like there must be a better, more effective and faster way to share this with all the members.  So we talked with our leaders and we put together a "CCM de Mariano Roque Alonso" And during the second hour of church, we had a mini capacitacion (training). We started by talking about the work and how we recognize the desires of the members to help in la obra missional (the work of the mission) and that we were so grateful for it and how what we are doing today is helping make sure that we all can truly magnify our callings as member missionares.  We showed a few video segments and showed how members and misisnaries can work together and form the perfect team. And then the Elders in our zone ran them through practice "missionary moments" so they could practice and get all the awkward quirks out - so when we have a real opprotunity to share a small portion of our testimony or invite someone to church or a ward activity, we can do it without fear! :)  It went over SUPER well! :)   Everyone was totally embracing it and we all left with a goal as a ward!! :)  Everyone has this calendar with a space for a friends name, and we as a ward are going to pray for a specific person every day so that we can figure out how to invite them and have missionary moments and know WHEN to act.   And this next Fast Sunday, we are fasting with our personal reasons, yes.. but also with a Ward goal of finding these people that The Lord has prepared and our waiting for the message or the invitation! :)  It was so happy and I loved seeing these parents, teenagers, and grandparents all jumping at the chance to act on their desires to help the work! :)  It was a really cool experience and it really stregthened the realtionship between the Missionaries, Leaders, and the Ward! :) 

We also have this investigator named Mirtha, she is going to be baptized the 1st of Enero (January) and it was Mirtha's birthday!  She lives all by herself, (her closest family living 6 hours away).  She is 28 and doesn't really have many close people to spend time with.  So early in the morning we ran to her house and heart attacked her doorway with over 60 hearts! :)  And then, when we had our scheduled "lesson" with her at the church, when she arrived, she was met by ALL of the Young Single Adults with cake and cookies and soda! :)  She cried, it was super sweet!  But even sweeter than any of the cake or cookies, was the testimony meeting we had at the very end.  Everyone bore there testimonies about their personal conversions and at the end, we all kneeled and Mirtha offered the sweetest, most sincere prayer I have ever heard! :)  It was so special, we were all able to feel The Spirit so strong, and Mirtha was finally able to really connect with people her age :) who are members and will support her throughout her journey! :) 

Keep on making awesome choices! I love you all so much!  OH!!!  and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :)  It's crazy how fast the time has been going in the mission! Wow! I have no words!  I love you all and I LOVE this gospel! :)

Hermana Fardos

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