Monday, December 29, 2014

I hope your Christmas was awesome!!

Hola Everyone!

This post may be short this week because I want to send you so many pictures and there were a ton of personal emails from family and I wanted to respond to as many as possible because I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

This week was HUGE, with Christmas, missionary work, my first SKYPE call... I was definitely emotionally drained! Haha!  I was really grateful for this Pday to catch back up! 

But Wow, first things first, its crazy that we SKYPEd this week!!  It still feels like a little dream to me! Haha!  It was the best little boost ever!  And it got me thinking about family :) Even more than I already do! :) Ha!

Family really is so special, and family time is even more special :) Something that hit me really strongly during our SKYPE call was how family time is all the time :) Whenever we are together, that is what matters.  It doesn’t matter where, all that matters is the company :) I could go my whole life without another vacation if it meant that I got to spend the rest of my life in our home as a family!! :)  I got a little wave of home sickness at church on Sunday!  It was kind of funny, all I wanted was to sit in the living room with all of you guys, singing, dancing, playing games, watching movies, reading scriptures, telling stories and eating grilled cheese sandwiches... don’t ask me why about the grilled cheese!! Haha.  Family is all that matters, its all that’s important.  Families are the mode of Heaven.  Families are the link to receiving the fullness of happiness and fullness of the blessings that The Lord has in store for us in this life!! :) Families are a glimpse into the eternities! :) And are testimonies of the love our Celestial FAMILY has for us! :)

Life goes fast and the world, unfortunately preaches contrary to the precious truths and establishments of The Lord, but it is my prayer that families, all families everywhere and especially ours, can unite in the home.  And build an environment of love and happiness, true happiness! :)

That’s my rambling sesh for the day! :) I just LOVE FAMILIES AND LOVE THIS GOSPEL!

Christmas was basically solas but it was fun...  We started with Christmas breakfast. 

We bought 2 firework-bomb-things and set them off at our house.  Not IN our house! Haha!  But yeah, that was fun.  And then we had a zone holiday party where we had a gift exchange, white elephant style. That was great!   

A few pictures of our Zone

This is what happens every time missionaries want a group shot :D

Yes, the Elders are supposed to be singing around the Christmas tree, like the Whos in Whooville in the Grinch... it was supposed to be cute... it just turned out awkward and therefore - I love it!! :) Haha!

We bought Bay-blades and the Elders ended up dueling their bay-blades for EVERRR! Hahaha!!  I got a bracelet and earrings that were made from seeds... it’s actually like way cool! Haha!

But the thing that I loved most about this Christmas season is the mutual mindset that takes priority.  Everyone in some regard, in some way, is thinking of or being mindful of Christ.  It is that reason alone that Christmas has it's unique "magical" feeling... Not because of the gifts under the tree, the tinsel, the lights, the music, hot chocolate and good company... but rather, the gift that was given so lovingly and freely from someone who loves us so much.  Everyone says things like "If only it could feel like Christmas everyday" o algo asi... And I love that we can respond confidently saying that it CAN feel like Christmas everyday!  All we have to do is continue to remember that Christmas Gift, who is Christ the Lord! :)  In remembering Him always, we can always hold on to that special Spirit, that Light of Christ... :) And partake fully and in the abundance of that sweet and special Spirit.  Ojala que tu testimonio de Cristo te de la paz y fuerza para seguir adelante y estar firme en el camino de el :)

We have found a lot of new investigators, all of which we feel really good about! One of them is named Marcos Ojeda, he is 16 years old and is amazing!!!! He was a reference we had from our tiza en la plaza activity and he is truly someone that the Lord has prepared to receive the message of the restored gospel. We went to go and just get to know him and that turned into the whole entire message of the restored gospel. He now has been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy and is paying attention, like he recalls what is happening, who is talking, AND he is applying what he has learned to his own life!  It’s amazing!  We also taught him about the Book of Mormon on the second visit and he is just blooming.  You can feel his testimony and spirit growing so fast. The Book or Mormon coupled with real intent, really is the KEY!  I love getting to partake in this sweet work of sharing The Lords message!

Our investigator Mirtha, that I mentioned last week, is doing well... we are meeting with her tonight to figure out all of the details for her baptism! If all goes as planned we will be holding a baptismal service January 1st!

We had 11 menos activos in Sacrament Meeting this week (this is the sencond week in a row for these 11)!  So we are going to help encourage them so that they can go just a little further and stay active! :)

We are really focusing on The Spirit and ministering. It has been making ALL the difference!  The spirit is really able to guide and drive the day so much more when this is our focus! :) I love it!

Give EVERYONE hugs for me!!  I love you all! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Hermana Fardos

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