Monday, August 3, 2015

Building Upon the Rock!


We've got a little bit of everything right there, some English, Portuguese, Guarani, Spanish... just like this week, where we have a little bit of everything to tell too!! :)

To start... HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATALIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!  It kind of freaks me out seeing you so old and grown up ;)  You are lovely and I love you!!  I hope your day was fantastic!  I'll tell you what, for your birthday, you can go into my closet and claim 1 article of clothing!! ;) Haha!  I'm teasing, I'm teasing!! :)

Changes will be next week, this is week 6 and next Tuesday we will find out what's in store for us. Crazy how quickly time flies... Everyone's very quick in reminding me that I only have 4 changes left... Uhhhh, #NO, #imamissionaryforever... We aren't even going to start talking about finishing yet!!  Haha!

This week was great!  We are continuing to find more families -- and that is really secial for me!  This message we share, this message from our Heavenly Father is written FOR THE FAMILY!!  So it's really sweet and such a special thing to get to share His message with a whole family and every member in it!! :)

The family is really under attack these days, more than it ever has before -- and it will only continue... The adversary does not want good things for us, nor does he look to strengthen family bonds; but rather, He would start pulling at the seams.. looking to knock over even just one domino and hoping to start a downward spiral. It's the truth.  But the thing I love is that even though Satan's desire to destroy the family is real, and that is something that could invoke fear in any one of us -- we have no need to worry, no need to fear!! :) 

Mark 5:36 ...Be not afraid, only believe.

The family is ordained of God and thus, the family will be protected by Him until the very end. Our Heavenly Father stands at the front... leading us, guiding us and helping us avoid the arrows, the winds, the storms, the stumbling blocks... everything that the adversary would throw at us!

I love Matthew 7 and the story of 2 men, one was foolish and one was wise... But why was one foolish and what made the other man wise?  It was because the wise man's house was built upon the rock while the foolish man had built upon the sand. This rock, is Christ! He loves us and he will be our rock, our foundation and if we build our life upon that foundation, we will be able to withstand the storms of this life.

Heavenly Father is there, and has blessed us with everything we need to build our sturdy, eternal house upon the rock of Christ... but we have to build our house on that rock ourselves.  He will not build it house for us.  He has given us the tools to build and has shown us the blue print, His eternal plan of happiness.  Now he has put the tools in our hands and given us this chance to build! :)

I hope that everyone of us have our house built upon the rock so that when Satan comes forth with his winds and storms... our house will not be moved! :) Like most things in the gospel, the tools the Lord has given us are simple, yet secial.  They are prayer, scripture study, church attendance, and family home evening.  I invite every single one of us to look at our foundation and pick a spot where we can work a little harder to make sure our foundation is solid!

The blue print is there, the tools are in our hands... so, don't wait, let's start now and build on the rock of Christ and be not moved!! :)

I love you all and I know that the family is of God! Let us all work to protect it!! :)

Hermana Fardos

Joshua 24:2,15
Helaman 5:12
Jacob 4:16

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