Monday, July 27, 2015

Time continues to fly here!!

Hi there everybody! 

I dont have to much to tell this week. 

Basically we are all ready in week no. 5 of this 6 week change!  Crazy to think it's wrapping up. 

The weather has been realllllyyyy nice!  During the fternoon, the sun comes out and it's so warm! And it's so lovely until the 5 o'clock hour rolls around... then it gets so COLD!  But hey, the Spirit is nice and warm -- so we just walk as fast as we can to our appointments, get into the house and have a lesson so we can feel that warm Spirit otra vez and defrost a little bit!!  Ha! :)

We have an investigator, E.  She lives way out in the "selva¨ or jungle as we like to say!  She is married to an inactive member who has fallen into the vices of alcohol and cigarillos, but he's ready to clean up a bit.  E is so lovely, speaks SO much Guarani... (I am getting good Guarani practice there! Haha).  But the other day we felt prompted to visit her... it's a bit of a trek, but we felt it was important.  When we arrived, she came out of the house just drained, exhausted, and it was clear that she was not okay.  We found out that she has been fighting sinusitis and has been all by herself with nobody for the last week (becuase her husband works in Brazil).  We talked for a moment and since we were there and E was inclined to be taught, we began with a lesson.  We began to teach The Restoration and we started to tell her about how the Lord has given His authority to worthy men, here en la tierra. The same authority and power that healed the sick, raised the dead... as we continued teaching and she stopped in the middle of the lesson and told us how she she has faith that this healing power exists and said that she would like a blessing!  It was really special hearing her testimony right there about these truths even though she had only just heard them.  She has tremendous faith.  So, we started calling every brother in the Branch and nobody answered (naturally, it works out like that.) Haha!

I said a quick prayer before going back down the list of brethren to start calling them all again. When all of a sudden the Elders of our branch called and asked if we needed anything!!  Prayer answered!!  I told them YES! They came as quickly as they could to E's home (as quickly as possible, quiere decir 30 minutes... yeah, she really lives way out there!).  When they arrived, they spoke with her for a moment and then gave her one of the most powerful blessings ever!  They told her that she would be able to be healed according to her faith. The Elder spoke a few words regarding her physical state... and then he paused, then he began to speak such inspired words -- how she will be able to continue progressing in the gospel and that she will be able to make al the changes necessary to give her and her family the best life they can have... Eternal life.  It was so lovely!!   I'm so grateful for E and her sweet spirit, and for the Elders who answered the promptings of the Spirit to come and give her this blessing!

Unfortunately, that is all the time I have for this week...

I love you guys!
Be good and make someone smile!! :)

With lots of love!
Hermana Fardos

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