Monday, February 2, 2015

Mis Queridos! Hola Hola Hola!

This week has been awesome!! :)

The General Relief Society President AND The General Young Women's Second Counselor came to PARAGUAY! And we got to go hear them!!  They spoke in English and used translators, so we got to hear the message twice! With the double re-itteration, it gave us double the time to truly soak up what was being said (there was no chance we could miss anything!)!  Ha!  I loved the foundation of their message... We are daughters of a loving Heavenly Father, He is literally our Father in Heaven!!  He loves his children, and he loves YOU!  We live in a world that is hard!  It really is, and we are attacked with false principles, deteriorating standards, temptation and sin every day, and in order to remain strong, we must fill oursleves with The Spirit so we can't be crushed by it... And the way to be filled with The Spirit is to READ the scriptures, say your PRAYERS, PARTAKE of the Sacrament, SERVE others, and ALWAYS be worthy to go to the temple!  They continued breaking down these five points, but for times sake, maybe I will take picures of my notes and send them next week to anyone who wants them!  :) 

They spoke with such a sweet spirit, they spoke with such love, The Spirit was so strong -- it was overwhelming to see all of these beautiful young women gather in this chapel so tight that there wasn't room for even one more person to stand.  These young women here in Paraguay really are inspiring and so motivating, I love them so much!!  I also got to run into a few girls from Isla Bogado and that was probably one of the happiest little reunions in my life!!  :) I almost forgot just how much I love them - until I saw them!! :)  It fills my heart!

Life is good!! :)  I really am on cloud 9!  The work of the Lord has the sweetest taste... Just like the fruit of the tree of life (o sea el amor del senor) is so sweet to the taste!!  :) The teachings of Christ, the holy scriptures, prayer, the sacrament, holy temples - EVERYTHING we have testifies of a loving Heavenly Father.  I have such a strong testimony of every little bit of this gospel, and I just feel so compelled to share with all of you!!  The foundation OF EVERYTHING we know, everything that is good, that comes from our Heavenly Father is built from a foundation of PURE LOVE, more genuine and profound than we are even capable of understanding!! :)  I would encourage anyone who doesn't yet understand why we have certain commandments or standards - to pray to their Father in Heaven to understand and to feel His love for them!   If your desire is genuine, He WILL pour out his love for YOU and you WILL be blessed with a better understanding!  Because once you feel His love, The Spirit will testify to your soul and He will complete you and you will KNOW His love for YOU!!  :) 

Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us, they love YOU!  Don't ever forget!!  :) I love you all!

Until Monday,
Hermana Fardos

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