Monday, February 23, 2015


Hola familiaaaa! Como andan? 

Well, remember that little run-in we had with that guy who tried to rob us? Remember how I mentioned he actually turned out to be related to our conversas recientes?... Well, thanks to that little family tie, that story isn’t over yet. So, we walked by their house the other day on the way to a lesson and the aunt stopped us.  She asked us if her nephew startled us when he came out to talk to us the other day... we told her no, that he actually was apologizing... she then asked what for, and although a little nervous, we went on to explain the story of what had happened the other week. Her face dropped, and all she said was "Hhhhmmm, so that’s why he changed" and we were like, “Wait, What?!”  She then told us that a few days following our run in with him... he told his family that he needed to go, that he needed to get help and change his life... that he could feel, really feel the need to change - for himself and for his family. And now, for the last week, he has been at the hospital in rehabilitation, receiving treatment! I think we knocked some sense into that guy? Haha!... get it? Because I punched him! Haha!!... All kidding aside, it’s so lovely to hear that he recognizes the need and is seeking this change in his life. I am so grateful to know the direction his story is headed, and I am anxious to hear about how everything turns out for him.

As we make our journey over to their side of Maraino each week, we always pass by this huge property, all fenced off with this BIG huge gate that’s usually closed and locked up tight... one day we walked by and noticed way far off in the distance, they had a HUGE indian statue, and it looked crazy cool. And we said some day, we wanted a picture with it – it’s not every day you see a very cool, very giant indian statue - so we decided that si o si, a picture would definitely be awesome. SO, this takes us to yesterday, making our Sunday visits after church- we walk by and notice that the gate was open... we decided now was our chance, haha, so we walked right up the gate, down the long drive way and we finally saw a guy, and we told him we had no clue were to knock, but that we were hoping to take a picture with the indian. Ha! :)  He just gave a little laugh and said of course we could – thus, here it is, my picture with the indian!! :)

This week I have had a crazy deep desire to really just continue getting to know my Heavenly Father.  And better understand the relationship we have with Him (and had with Him before we came to this earth). The Father has chosen not to reveal many things to us concerning our pre-mortal life with Him, but I believe it’s because He doesn’t have to. Why? Because He, being a loving Heavenly Father... wants us to FEEL it, He wants us to personally EXPERIENCE it in our own special way! :) But how? Well, while He hasn’t revealed much of it to us in words, he has revealed much about the eternal pattern of families. And as we closely examine the patterns of eternal families, we can better understand and feel of our special, personal relationship with the Father:)

In God’s revealed pattern for righteous families, the birth of a child is the result of a conscious and loving choice. Knowing that our life is the result of a loving choice and a deliberate act can give us a sense of our great personal worth in mortality and that feeling can give us the encouragement and strength necessary to reassure ourselves of our divine potential and the confidence to proceed forward.

Our Heavenly Father also knows us individually, like an earthly father to their child... it is not important how many there are... each one of their children have a unique and special relationship to his or her father... and it is the same with our Heavenly Father. Knowing this pattern helps us understand that as spirit children we are known individually by our Heavenly Father. We are His beloved sons and daughters, whom He loves INDIVIDUALLY! :) He knows us by name, just like our fathers do here. In every scriptural account of God the Father appearing to His children, He always calls them by name. Why does He do this? I believe it’s to demonstrate to us that He DOES know and we belong to him and it shows us our familiar relationship with him. 

Although these things could be seen as such little things, upon closer examination, as we ponder even these little things, and think about our Heavenly Father and pray faithfully - He will personally reveal truths that YOU feel and you can know your divine worth to Him. The adversary works to use our mortal circumstances to pervert our perception of self worth and faith in the Father. But as we look to the Father for our worth, we will find it. 

I know that our Heavenly Father lives, just as surely as you and I live... He lives :) He knows each and everyone of us better than we know ourselves. He has been with us since we were spiritually begotten - He knows our names, he knows me and he knows YOU! :) He has many children, but his love for each of us is distinct and personal.  We are because He loved us - because He loves us, He is just waiting for you to ask so He can manifest this love to you!! :) 

I love My Heavenly Father and I love you guys :) Have an awesome week!!! 

Until Monday :)
Hermana Lauren

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