Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Walking on Sunshine!!

Hello Everyone!  :)

This week, this week... well basicamente its been another great week with a fun twist.

This week we had Zone Conference and interviews with the President - and this was a really cool one.  Our trainings or capacitaciones that they normally hold, turned into little life prep classes.  Elder Calderon (one of the asistentes.. from Utah)  started by telling us that changes are coming up and pretty soon we will have new companions... Hermana Valenzuela and I were like "Dang, they already know changes... one of us is going to go" and then Elder Calderon continues.. "Yes, a new companion.. a big strong and beautiful man who holds and honors the priesthood"...wait, hold on, hold on, hold on... what did he just say?  Turns out he was talking about after our missions!!  Haha, and not literally about changes next week!  He's not just talking mission, he's talking about the bigger picture:) 

We ended up focusing on mastering the art of goal setting.. personally and in a companionship... with the ultimate goal of mastering it now so we will be able to live it after the mission and throughout the rest of our lives.  After all, it is through setting goals... and REACHING them that we can reach the full potential that the Lord sees possible in every one of us!  It was really cool - I loved the guidance they gave.  I've currently got a few personal goals and we will see how those go... so far so good!! :)

They also talked about how, yes, we are here in the mission to serve and help other people come unto Christ... but, we are also here to help ourselves. This is a beautiful and dedicated time that the Lord has given us as missionaries to develop good habits, live them, rub out our rough edges, and turn these nice "goals" and "ideas" into a real way to live and becoming our best self.  And I really liked that. The mission is a beautiful thing, you get to see other people come unto Christ, and you yourself get the privilege of coming to know him even better than you did before... if you take advantage of it!  :)

I am so grateful for the mission.. I am so grateful for you guys:) I love you all. Keep moving forward in faith, keep letting your beautiful lights shine forth :) I love you all!

Hermana Lauren Fardos

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