Thursday, October 2, 2014

Last Letter From Buenos Aires, Argentina!! Next Time, From Paraguay!!


Well, here goes the very last email I will send from the CCM in Argentina..... This Tuesday I will be en EL CAMPOOOO!!  I don't know how to feel exactly, there's so many crazy emotions!

We had our last day proselyting and that was super special.  We were in a more affluent area - not near as humble as our last area, and we were in a big plaza that went on for blocks and blocks and blocks!  It was hard at times because the people just wanted to talk about their similar beliefs, they didn't want to consider anything we had to offer. They were all nice conversations... but we were struggling to really find someone that was ready for our message.  So Hermana Perez and I stopped and prayed, and right after we said our prayer there was a lady sitting on a bench... literally 5 paces from us... SO we went over and started talking to her and Holy Cow!  SHE was there for a reason! :D  We got to talk to her and really connect, I could feel such a strong love for her as she shared with us her beliefs and especially her struggles.  As we began to talk with her, seeing that spark in her eyes as we told her about the love her Father in Heaven had for her and how He always will be there for her - it just made my day.  She wanted our message, she wanted the Book of Mormon!  It was such a blessing to have met her!  She is one that I would love to be updated on while in Paraguay, because if she continues faithfully, despite the opposition she will face in her life, she will continue to feel the Lord's love so strongly.  We asked her if she had an email so we could stay in contact, but she doesn't... so she will just forever be in my heart and in my prayers. I love her.

We had some really hilarious experiences while proselyting too, for example...

There was a guy delivering pizzas and what not to houses.  He was on a motorcycle and while we were walking (Hermana Perez and I made a goal to talk to EVERYONE haha!)  so, I said something like "That's a gift for me right?" just joking around, trying to make people smile. :)  About 10 minutes later that guy on the motorcycle comes over, pulls up, and tells me that he can't give me a pizza, but he could give me a kiss. WHAAAAAT?!  UMMM yeah,  So i told him 'no thank you'... He seemed a little disappointed by the 'no' haha!  But I told him I could give him a picture of Jesus instead. :)  So that was funny!

And then later, when we had maybe 2 minutes left for proselyting, we were walking back to our meeting point and this car of four guys pulls over.  The one driving started talking to me asking 'Where i had come from, What I was doing in Argentina, and Why he had never seen me before?' haha!  He kept saying I was an angel, it was hilarious!  When I told him I was from California, here to serve a mission for my Heavenly Father - he responded in broken english "I dont speak English good... but for you, I can manage because you are so beautiful, you are an angel.  I am not clean or ready right now, but can I go shower and buy you ice cream and we can eat together?" hahahahahhaha!!  I couldn't help it, I busted up laughing, I told him 'no thank you and that we had to go catch our bus'.  We should have given him a picture of Jesus too (with the website on the back), but Hermana Perez and I spaced - the hard core, dramatic flirting was hilarious and we were laughing too hard!  It was a silly little experience, but it was a fun note to end on because other than our special experience the gal on the bench, this day of proselyting was a hard one.

I can't wait to get out into the field, I know it will be so amazing. Full of challenges, miracles, blessing, and love.  I promise you guys right now, that I will be as obedient a missionary as I can be.  With my time here at the CCM, I have come to realize that obedience brings blessings, and exact obedience brings miracles.  So that is what I am going to strive to do.  The people of Paraguay deserve to know about this gospel :) They deserve to have it in their lives :)

Only 4 days till the field and I could not be more excited, nervous, freaked out, and happy!

Sorry this message is short today and there aren't any pictures. I will have more next week from PARAGUAY!!

Hermana Fardos

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