Monday, October 27, 2014

Hermana Indiana Jones!! Ha!

This mission really is the greatest thing ever!  I love everything about it and I love that I get to feel like "Hermana Indiana Jones" everyday!! Haha!!  ;)

WE HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEK :)  Here in Paraguay, there is this beautiful family, Familia Ziya... They are like the Callaways of Paraguay #relatedtoeveryone Haha!!  Moises is 8 years old and (although he looks pretty shy in the picture) he was beaming! :)  His immediate family and grandma are all members of the church but the rest of his family are not... yet :)  Everyday we have passed by their house, there's been a different relative there - and just about every single one of them want to continue with the lessons and prepare to be baptized... especially the kids!!  They are amazing!  They all jump at the opprotunity to offer a prayer, to give us high-fives or hugs, to answer a question... they beam with enthusiasm and a love for this gospel and it really is super inspiring!! :)

We have another baptism coming up... and we just, LITERALLY JUST got a phone call from another member... and his wife is ready and wants to be baptized!!!  AAAHHHHH! :D

The baptism coming up on the 8th is for Hermano Francisco Coronil.  He is awesome!!  He is a little man, 50 years or so, from Argentina, now living in Paraguay.  When we first started teaching him, he was very interested, but lacked that real faith.  He also has a very tight knit relationship with his church (a local Christian Church), he even plays in a band with the youth.  As we continued teaching and checking up on him we found that he was soaring through the Book of Mormon... in 2 WEEKS he made it all the way from 1 Nephi to Alma 34!  This is HUGE, really!  If there's one thing that I have learned in my short time here, it's that the Book of Mormon REALLY changes peoples lives (coupled with prayer... and church attendance tambien)!  He had attended Sacrament Meeting for the last 3 weeks, but he never made it to any of the other meeting because he wanted to go to his other church too.  So maybe 5 days ago, yeah 5 days ago, I felt like we need to reread Alma 32, (Where Alma compares the word unto a seed that needs to be planted and nourished, and grows into a tree of which the fruit of eternal life is picked.  And challenges the people to experiment upon his words, and exercise a particle of faith), so we did.  And after we all read it together, we talked with Francisco more about the concept of experimenting and exercising his faith...  This desire to learn the truth for yourself.  I shared with him that if he really wanted to know if all this was true, he would have to"experiment" with 100% intent... meaning to try it out and go all in!... continue doing everything he is all ready doing but also attend ALL 3 hours. and cosas asi. ANYWHOOO, Sunday came around and Francisco came too!  For all three hours!!  And when we visited him last night - WOW! (is the only word that comes to mind)!  He is SO ready!  We taught some and talked some and the excitement and desire in his eyes was amazing and inspiring!!  It is so different, he really knows that this is TRUE.  He can feel it - and we can feel that he feels it!!  When we asked him if he had thought about a date, his response made me choke-up...  He said "Soon, very soon!  But, can we wait 2 weeks or so, because I need to go and buy a white shirt, tie, trousers, and shoes... I don't own anything of the sort right now."

So, Hermana Curi and I are going to gift that to him... We told Fransisco that all he had to do was come prepared with that contagious smile of his.... I am SO excited!! :D

The church is true you guys, the church is so true :) Live it! 

I love you all so much!

Hermana Fardos!

PS.  Here's a few photos!!

Fun Zone activities & Watermelon Jack-O-Lanterns!! :D

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