Monday, October 20, 2014

Isla Bogado!!


Como andan?  TODO BIEN?? I sure hope so!! :) Everything here is AMAZING!
I didn't share much about my area last week, so, I'll do that today :)  I am in Isla Bogado, a barrio on the outside of Luque.  Our area is nothing but dirt and cobblestone and foliage and houses.  Its an adventure everyday walking through little man-made shortcuts through the "Jungle" and crawling under barbed wire fences and walking through pastures of horses.... ITS PERFECT!  And Yes... its HOT, Haha!  But I like to think that the heat is just The Spirit... as the hymn says " the Spirit of God like a fire is burning" and Oh Man, it's burning in Paraguay all right!  Haha!!

Hermana Curi and I could not be better!  She is so special and this companionship was so inspired!  She has taught me so much!

This week I had a big learning experience, I have always loved to love people... I mean after all, whats not to love about people?!  But this week, I was overwhelmed with what I believe was a closer love to that of Jesus Christ and the love He has for us.  We met with Leti, she is a less-active member.  She is one of our best friends here in Isla Bogado!  She's a tough cookie with a STRONG personality and a little filter :)  But she is the best!!  We met with her the other day, just to check up on her and share a message on the 10 commandments - and as soon as we got to one commandment in particular, she broke down.  She let us in to a certain part of her life that we wouldnt have gotten to know any other way.  As she was speaking to us, my heart just broke and I had so much that I wanted to say to her, so much that I wanted to do for her.  I would literally do anything to help lift the burden and pain that she feels - because she is amazing and deserves nothing but the best!  We had a really special testimony share at the end of the lesson and we gifted her a picture of the temple (to remind her what this life is all about and why we are here).  We are going back to visit today and I cant wait to see her!!

And this love for the people, this undescribable love. This desire to lift burdens and share the truth has been burning like a forrest fire this week!  We are loving the people and working super hard over here!  This week alone we found 18 new investigators who have all accepted the invitation to be baptized!  So this following week we have a lot more work to do to conitnue preparing these beautiful people...  and I could not be more excited!!

I love you all!  Keep on being awesome!  And special shout out to my boy Tan Man!!!  I got so many emails and pictures about your big day bud!!  Congratulations!  Holding the priesthood is such a special blessing!  You are amazing and an amazing example of choosing the right!!!

Oh yeah!! I ate chicken heart.. that was kind of cool and really yummy actually. :)

I havent been robbed or chased by dogs or caught any life threatning disease, Haha, The Lord protect's His missionaries!!  I am extremely grateful.  I love you guys!

Hermana Fardos!!

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