Monday, January 11, 2016

Apartments, Prayers and the BEST Waffles Ever!!


Okay, this has been a really special week, with lots of special experiences. :)

First things first... Hermana Craner made us the BEST WAFFLES EVER!!  Seriously, too good to be true!! Haha!!  She is so kind, and they were so delicious -- we thoroughly enjoyed every bite!! :D

President decided that we, Hna Jara and I, should have our own house (we've been living with Hna Bringhurst and Hna Nuckles) to give us more space and freedom with our early schedule.  So, he gave us a budget and one week to find a house... so, the house hunting began.

It was kind of funny looking for houses as missionaries... we don't have GPS, or sophisticated smart phones, or really any type of "technology" to try and find a house... it just came down to knocking on doors, asking around, and following the spirit. Hna Jara and I found almost 15 houses in Asuncion... but all of them were outside of our budget.  So we went to the mission office and with Elder Zarabia's help, we began calling, working our way down a list of 30 different rental announcements.  We had no luck and we knew that our weeks deadline was coming up quickly -- so, we said a quick prayer, made the last phone call... and BOOM!  No answer... Dang it!

We went back out to work and continue searching, but we were a little discouraged... we were struggling to find a house, and everyone we contacted was rejecting us or making crazy commentaries, we felt like we were just wandering aimlessly through Asuncion.... and we were exhausted! 

So, we found a little shade on a street corner, sat down and offered another quick prayer.  Once we finished, not even 2 minutes later, a car stops right in front of us... The gentleman asked us "Are you guys looking for Bishop's house?"...  We were so surprised... we asked him if he was a member and he told us he was and proceeded to say "You look like you could use some cold water and quick rest... my wife is inside, why don't you join us for a few minutes?".

We accepted his kindness, and they sweetly recieved us in their home.  I'd say this couple was in their mid 50s, and it turns out that their oldest son is one of the bishops here in Asuncion, and that their younger son lives in Mariano Roque Alonso... and they are the Suarez family!!!  Like MY SUAREZ FAMILY!!  Adriana and Miguel Suarez!!!  They were such a special family for me -- their two little girls were just precious... Seriously, I considered them family.  And now we were sitting in the grandparents house!!  It was such a special connection! They offered us cold water and ice cream and we shared conversion stories.  We finished with a scripture and a prayer and went back on our way. 

Once we left the house, I seriously just started crying. My comp was so confused! Haha!!...  Because I'm not one to cry... but I was just so overwhelmed with gratitude -- the Lord had heard our prayer and responded so quickly in the most unexpected and personal way!!

... So, on that same street corner where we asked for a tender mercy, we were able to thank the Lord for His quick and kind response... and for showing us that our Heavenly Father is mindful of us all -- He does hear our prayers in the very moment they are offered up to Him, and He puts people in our path for a reason! :)  Still on the same street corner, after we had offered our grateful prayer of thanks, the phone rang... it was Elder Zarabia... the house we were trying so hard to find... ended up finding us!!  One of the real estate agents called with a house for us... 2 blocks from the temple and right within our price range!! :D

That little story may sound silly or insignificant, even like it could have just been a coincidence, but for me, it was so special, and exactly what I needed in the very moment I needed it! I was so grateful for how quickly the Lord answered my prayer, I was so grateful for the timing of it and the strength it gave me when I most needed it, and I am grateful that Hno. Suarez listened to the Spirit and followed the prompting to stop and inquire if we were okay. 

I know that the Lord answers our prayers and that so many times He will answer our prayers through other people like YOU!!  Many times, that subtle impression to call a friend, to hug a family member, to bring dinner to a members house, or just smile and say hello to someone on the street... Your small act of kindness, might be a big and meaningful tender mercy to the person on the recieving end. 

Thank you for all the smiles that you share, all the hugs you give, all the notes you write and all the prayers you offer up on behalf of others. They are important and they matter!! You matter!! :) You are all so very important and you can all be powerful instruments in the hands of the Lord. 

Keep doing what you do and making the world a better place!! :) 
Hna Fardos

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