Monday, November 30, 2015

A Thanksgiving Photo Update!!

Hey fam... Sorry, I wrote a lot of personal emails today and focused on getting the pics off... I don't have much time to write an email -- so, if I don't get to write a group update, tell everyone I love them, read their scriptures, say their prayers on their knees and make some one smile... it's the recipe for success and happiness!! :) 

Hna Fardos

Thanksgiving at the Mission Office -- Grateful for the Invitation to this Special Thanksgiving Treat with Pres & Hna McMullin, the Office Elders and Friends!!

 Working Divisions and Zone Conferences - The Difference is Kinda Funny!! Haha!!

Divisions in Palma Loma  -- It totally rained and we were not prepared!! Haha!!

Sometimes we wait...

Divisions with Hna B!! :)

And Finally, Some Favorites from Mariano!

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