Monday, June 1, 2015

Learning, Learning, and Learning Some More!!

Wow, okay... another big week! 

Let's see... There's so much to share, I'll try not to forget anything!! :) 

FIrst things first...a few shout outs...

Taylor Davis...WELCOME HOME!!  I can't believe how quickly those two years flew by!! Thank you for choosing to serve and for serving so diligently!! 

And Shout out to my AWESOME FAMILY!! Thank you for the love that came in the mail!!  It is getting really COLLLLLDDDD here -- So a special THANK YOU for the warm winter clothes!! It was so very needed -- and the Wild Roots Trail Mix (Coastal Berry Blend) Yum!!... let's just say I am a warm and happy camper!  AND MORRIS FAMILY (besos to you guys!!)  Thank you for the hug in a box!!  You guys went above and beyond!!  I love you!! :)  

I am very grateful to be out here in Pedro Juan!  

My dear Luana!!

Enrique Fernandez was baptized this week!! :) When we arrived in Pedro Juan, we had a few investigators who had baptismal dates... So, we hopped right on the teaching train  and visited them all so they could still be baptized by their goal dates. And this week was Enrique's turn!  What a special kid he is!! He is 12 years old and understands the gospel so well.  He lives with his Mom and his brothers and sisters. His mom has been a less active who has fought hard to come back, and now she is back!!... Her testimony is so special, her sweet love to follow Gods plan inspires me to be better and love this gospel as she does!! Their family situation is tough, but they are doing so well, and they are fighting so hard for it!!  They amaze me!! :) The baptismal service was really sweet, we had a very small turnout... the people we thought were going to come didn't (the weather wasn't so great and most people here don't go out in bad weather). But it all played out so beautifully, because everyone there was there because they needed to be!!  Maria, the 22 year old who was baptized by her husband last week, bore her testimony on baptism and her husband, Jerson, gave a lovely talk about baptism and the Holy Ghost.  Afterwards, the President of Relief Society stood up and extended a warm welcome to Eenrique and also to his mom.  She offered comfort to his mom, she encouraged his mom, and she let his mom know that she was so very, very, very welcome in our Branch.  Enrique offered the concluding prayer and at the end, there was not one dry eye in the church... everyone was touched!!  In that moment, I learned even more that Dios es eprfecto y nunca se equivoca, Our Heavenly Father is perfect and does NOT make mistakes. 

Enrique's little brother :)

President McMullin and his Assistants came up for a Zone Conference (they were all actualy able to stop by Enrique's baptism, which was special!!) and we had interviews with President.  I am so very grateful for my time to talk with him!  He really is an inspired leader and a great example -- and he & Hermana McMullin are such a very special team!!  I aspire to a marriage like theirs!!

Our Heavenly Father is real -- He has a body of flesh and bone.  We are literally his spirit children and when we are baptized by somebody with the Lords authority, we become His children once again, we become His children bajo el convenio (under the covenant).  We are created in His image, and one day, we can come to be even as He is... perfect and exhalted.  May we all follow the Lord and help lift and strengthen the feeble knees!! :) We are all brothers and sisters -- let's help one another and lift from a position of strength!! :) I love you guys so much!  You all amaze me!!

Keep on keepin on!!  Oh, and by the way... Soy miti miti... y quiero que todos sepan (I am half and half... and I want everyone to know!)! :D Haha!!
Hermana Fardos

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