Monday, June 8, 2015

A Birthday, Graduation, and Anniversary!! So Much to Celebrate!!

Hello Family!!

Okayyyy, Well today... I forgot my camera, yesss I know... How on earth did I forget my camera?  But, I did... so the photos will come next week!! :)  

I was hoping to introduce you to my companion, Hermana Anazco, 20 years old, from Peru, but since I don't have my camera to share pictures of her... I'll tell you all about her next week!!

There is so much to celebrate at home this week though...

Let me start by saying Nick! You aren't my little brother anymore!... you are officially a man child. I can't believe you're 17! You are going to look really good in a missionary plaque one day!! :)

Natalie! Holy COW!!! You are almost a woman! Congrats on your graduation! What a big mile stone!  I wrote you a letter the other day, I'll be sending it this next week... so keep an eye out! :)

Mom and Dad!! Happy Anniversary!! 24 years and you have all of forever to look forward too!! :) I love you guys so much! Thank you for being such a great example for me! :)

This week has been a great week, but for right now, I want to take a moment to share and focus on a question that the Relief Society President asked us the other yesterday...

She asked:

"By a show of hands... Cuantos han entrado en los cielos?"["Who here has entered into the Kingdom of Heaven?" nobody raised their hands, she was the only one] and then she continued saying..."You dont know?.. The Temple, my brothers and sisters, the Temple is our little piece of Heaven here on the Earth".

I loved that thought, and it really made me think :) We are so amazingly blessed, our Heavenly Father loves us so much, that He has given us temples!  He has given us a little bit of Heaven here on Earth... We have access, real access to the literal House of the Lord!

May we always take advantage of the blessing that it is to have temple so close to our front doors. Let us always live worthily to enter in and may we always have an up to date recommend to go in.

Thinking along those same lines, thinking about establishing Zion and tasting of the celestial joy that here awaits us. It made me think also about one more place were we can taste of this fruit celestially sweet, this place where we can go and learn more about our persoanl reationship with the Father by observing the righteous family patterns, this place that every single one of us have access to... but every single one of us have to ut in the work to build it up to be Zion. Have I given it away yet? Our homessss!

In the scripture guide (in the very back of the book of mormon) it reads 

Hogar (Casa De Familia or Family Home) 
El Hogar debe ser el centro de las actividades familiares y del evangelio - or -
Home should be the center of family activities in the gospel.

The family is ordained of God, our homes house sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father :) We too can establish Zion in our homes and we should! We need to :) Our homes should be a home of order, a place of love, a house of prayer, a place of refuge, a safe haven. And if we strive to make our home, a home where the Spirit of the Lord can reside. Our very walls will be blessed with His Spirit, from our techos (ceilings) will spill out a celestial love from Him on High. May we always strive to stay in Zion :) meaning in BOTH the temples and in our homes! :)

I love you guys so much!  Have an amazing week and know that I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!!

Hermana Fardos (Lo)

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