Monday, April 20, 2015

I love my Companions!!

Hey Everyone!

Before I forget, SUSAN ANDERSON was in the choir at General Conference!! I forgot to mention that in my update two weeks ago, but I wanted to give a shout out to YOU Susan!! I love you! :) 


This week has been another great one! It just hit me last week how I am approaching the halfway mark of my mission... how weird is that?! 

I love my companions and wanted to take a minute to tell you guys a little more about them this week -- and then next week I’ll hit you with the normal activities and mission experiences. 

Hermana Bringhurst is our newest member of the PAN (Paraguay Asuncion North) Club.  She is from St. George, Ut and is the youngest in her family. She is 29, and she has been called as a missionary AND a nurse.  She is such a blessing because she really makes sure I take care of my knee properly... Dios es perfecto y nunca se equivoca (God is perfect and never wrong).  He knew exactly what I needed.  Hna B (We call her B because no one here can pronounce her last name) has a really special talent too, you set her down at a piano and she can just play forever – It’s really sweet to hear her play.

Hna. Mera is still the sweetest, spunkiest, and my absolute favorite Mexicana in the world!!  Haha!!  She is tiny, but you can’t let her size fool you – she’s got spunk, and a giant testimony!! :) It has been such a privilege getting to hear her share it!

Oh, I also want to send a shout out to my Dad!  I’m so happy you’re working on being more consistent with Family Home Evening!!  Everyone needs to have La Noche de Hogar!!  On my mission, I’ve really learned that FAMILY HOME EVENING MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!  So, keep it prioritized and you will be SO BLESSED – I promise!!

Also, I’m reading the Book of Mormon cover to cover and underlining the name of Christ every time He is mentioned, as well as highlighting all of the versus that note what the Savior says or that relate to the Atonement.  Needless to say, since the Book of Mormon is a testament of Christ, it makes my scriptures look a little like a coloring book, but it’s such a great challenge and I’m learning SO MUCH!!  It’s so great to have access to the precious words of our Savior and His gift to the world!  So, you’re all invited to join me!!

Have an amazing week! 
I love you guys.  
Hermana Fardos

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