Monday, January 12, 2015

Changes Are Coming!!

Hola Family!

Well, just like that, my first cambio in Mariano is over!  Tomorrow I will find out if there are changes or if Hermana Valenzuela and I have another cambio together!  We are really hopeful that we will stay together a while longer, but we will see!  She's already got 7 months here... sooo yeah, I'm not sure the odds are in our favor... Haha!  It's the Lords work and the Lords timing, so, we will go where and when He wants us to!

But wow, this week has been another great one!  I'm pretty sure I start every email with "what a great week" or something along those lines...  I am just continually amazed with the way Lord is such a personal and active participant in our lives! :)

We have a new progressing investigator named Luis, who is the most humble, sweet and lovely guy ever!  He is 19, and his girlfriend, Jessica, also 19, is SO strong in the Gospel.... and she knows SO much!  One day we were visiting her, and Luis and her grandmother were there.  We started talking with them and just really got to know them.  When we left their house... Hermana Valenzuela and I both had goosebumps - we felt so strongly that this guy was one that The Lord had prepared to receive His message! :)  We came back within the next few days to begin teaching him because he had expressed some interest and WOW!, it was such a powerful lesson!  We left that lesson on 'Cloud 9' The Spirit was so strong...  We knew that it wasn't us, it was The Spirit had been doing the teaching.  And that's so awesome!!  And the next day he was at church.  Something we really emphasized with him and something that has really been hititng me lately is just how much our Heavenly Father loves us... and continues to love us.  He will never stop! 

He loved us so much that he sent us Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son - to die for us!!  That we might have Eternal Life!  He showed us the path and He marked the way to return to our Heavenly Father.  He called prophets in the times of old to guide His people in the ways of righteousness, so that they might recieve the fullness of his blessings... AND He continues to love us and guide us even today, by continuing to call living prophets - and the blessings and evidence of His love goes on and on!!  But more than anything, He loves YOU! Each and every one of you - INDIVIDUALLY and personally!! :)  And He wants YOU to know for yourself and to recieve your OWN witness that all this is true!  That all that he does for us, he would do just FOR YOU!  The most omnipotent, all powerfull, all knowing, creator.... wants someone as insignificant as me to come to Him in prayer and communicate with him directly!  He has promised us that his arms are extended out to us in every moment, and all we need to do is embrace Him... it all depends on is us!  :)  If we choose to ask! He is ready to give us a personal witness and answer the questions of your heart. 

Come to Him, get to know Him personally!  And if you strive to know Him, you WILL come to know Him!! :)  He loves YOU! 

I love you all!  Take advantage of the gift of prayer, it really is a huge blessing and wonderful tool !!

Until next week!

Hermana Fardos

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  1. Love it! Thanks for posting these :) Sounds like she's having a wonderful time.