Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hey Familia!

Hey familia! 

What an amazing week its been... there's always so much to say and not enough time to say it!

So this last week all of the 2 weekers left, which was pretty crazy because that meant now there was only our group in the CCM... only 30 of us left... we kind of felt like we ruled the place! Hahaha. I was so sad they left though because they are literally the sweetest, kindest, most loving and patient people ever! And I miss not getting to practice my Spanish with all the hermanas in my room. But today there is supposed to be a lot more new missionaries and I'm hoping that there will be some latina hermanas in my room again! =) 

Oh and one huge cool thing thats about to happen!! WE GET TO GO PROSELYTING THIS WEEK! WHAAT?!?!?! Im so excited! we were given the maps of areas that we will be proselyting in and Hermana Perez and I have a whole 40 blocks to ourselves for a whole day! I literally cant wait! It will be such a good opprotunity to practice Spanish and figure out what I need to keep working on!

CCM X has been great, now that that group of elders have left I've taken over the position of coming up with the group workouts and Holy cow it's been great. We love feeling so sore and tired because we feel like it justifies the pasta frola, alfajores, and melanesa we eat almost every day! Haha... whoops!

When we went through the temple last p day we met this one sister who had a package to deliver at the CCM (kind of like we did with TJ)  it was so fun talking with her and she was the sweetest thing ever! She ended up giving us some dulce de leche, the brand was vaquita? It was pretty life changing... I enjoyed every bite! Ha!

There is a hermana here who has such a talent when it comes to braiding, so she goes through every week giving us hermanas the craziest and coolest braids... I'll try and attach the photos! =)

The other day Hermana Porter (the tall one) Hermana Dowdle (the one with the short wavy hair, Hermana Perez and I have been having fun trying to play around with self timers on camers and weve been trying to take some fun pictures as if we are the Beatles walking down Abbey Road or were trying to take pixctures of us all jumping at the same time... They all just ended up looking super awkward... but I think that's what has made those pictures my favorites! Ha! I forget how weird I am some times. :)

So as I mentioned, there are a ton of new missionaries that are coming today... but there were 3 that came yesterday! One was a hermana from Peru! And I got to spend the whole time talking to her =) which was so fun... She speaks WAYYYY faster than any of the last hermanas, so it's super nice having to try and tune my ears to new speeds of speech! The languiage barrier has been getting thinner and thinner, and with each day that goes by it becomes easier to initiate a conversation, speak faster, and to better my vocabulary... DONT GET ME WRONG THOUGH, MY SPANISH STILL HAS A LONNNGGGG WAY TO GO BEFORE ITS WHERE I WANT IT TO BE!

On a spiritual note, this week has ben so amazing. I dont think I've ever cried so much in one week. I have just been so overwhelmed with gratitude, so much so that I have been brought to tears multiple times. The Atonement is real you guys, Jesus Christ is real. Our Heavenly Father is real and loves us so much! And that capactiy that He has to love us is unfathomable (spelling?). I am so humbled and grateful to have little remiders of just how much he loves us and just how much he loves us to delight in this gospel we have been provided with, and just how much he loves us to come unto him to repent and find forgivenss and love through the atonement that has been made possible through our older brother Jesus Christ.

God is good my friends =) 

I'm sorry if my update is all over the place! I love you guys so much!!

Until next week!

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